Keto Chow

How I Lost 17 lbs in 61 Days With NO Exercise

Edited to add: You must take a fish oil supplement with this diet.

No Sugar. No Wheat. No Rice. No Potatoes. Basically, nothing fun until further notice.

Before you say screw that… think about this, once you quit eating that shit, your body will adjust and no longer crave it. It takes a few days to detox. You will probably feel like shit during this period. But, it will be totally worth it. Ready? Okay, this how I did  it.

Keto Chow

First, I ordered Keto Chow.

Keto Chow is a powdered drink mix. When combined with oil, heavy cream and water it creates an ultra low-carb meal replacement shake that is nutritionally complete; meaning if you would like to, you can live off it all day, every day (though most use it for 1-2 meals a day).  I make no money from this product recommendation.

Then I got a bottle of MCT Oil from Amazon. *

I got my blender bottles at Amazon.

I got the cream at Costco.

Measure out 50 grams of Keto Chow using scale. I got mine from Amazon.

Add 2 tea spoons of MCT Oil to blender bottle.
Add 1/2 cup of cream to blender bottle.
Add water to blender bottle until within 1/2 in. of brim.
Measure out 50 grams of Keto Chow using scale and then put into blender bottle. Put blender ball in and cap, shake vigorously for a 15 seconds and put it in the fridge.

Each blender bottle made per instructions above is 670 calories. The Keto Chow bag gives you the exact breakdown of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

The first week, I drank 2 shakes per day and had a couple of snacks per day. Either string cheese or hard boiled eggs.

Now, I skip breakfast. I have 2 string cheese and lunch meet ham slices at 10am for a snack. I drink one Keto shake at lunch. At 2:30 I have another snack of string cheese or 2 boiled eggs.  Dinner is Costco chicken leg, thigh and part of breast with Boc Choy or frozen veggies

Some nights I have scrambled eggs with a ham steak.

I keep track of all of this with the free Lose It app. Click here for the free app.

Use the free app to keep track of what you eat. That alone will be a big help in keeping you on the path to losing weight. When you know how much you’re eating everyday, it’s hard to bs yourself about what you’re really eating everyday.

*Amazon links pay me a small commission that doesn’t increase the retail price.

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